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Caldey Island is a small island off the south coast of Wales, you can only get to it by boat - normally from Tenby. Caldey Island is home to Cistercians monks and a small village. The monastery dominates the island an towers over the village.

There has been a monastery there since around the 6th century and the 1st abbot was called Pyro, Viking raids ended the settlement around the 10th Century.

It was not until the 12th century that the Benedictines from St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire, set up a priory on the island and remained until the Dissolution in 1536. In 1906 Anglican Benedictines purchased Caldey and built the present Italianate style abbey.  Their stay was relatively short, financial difficulties forcing them to sell in 1925. In  1929 the Cistercians from Scourmont Abbey in Belgium, and remain right up to the present day.

The monks are famous for the making of the two best known items associated with Caldey island Perfume and chocolate 


Heatherton Park nr Tenby is packed full of fun for the whole family.

Best of all admission is free , just pay for the activities you want, including Bumper Boat Racing, Archery, Air Pistol Range, Baseball Range, Laser Clay Pigeon Shoot, Indoor Bowling and much more


Manor Park Nr Tenby enables visitors to interact with the animals, including Zebras, Emu's and Wallabies as well as many different types of monkey. Manor Park makes a great day out and is only 4 mins drive from Kiln Park  

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill In The photo you will see the present castle, but a castle (or military fort) has stood here for over 2,000 years.  

The castle stands on a limestone bluff overlooking the Carew inlet — a part of the tidal estuary that makes up Milford Haven. The site must have been recognised as strategically useful from the earliest times, and recent excavations in the outer ward have discovered multiple defensive walls of an Iron Age fort.

In the 17th century the castle's lord, Sir Roland Rhys, is alleged to have kept a Barbary Ape in the north-west tower. It is claimed that it had been captured, half-crazed ,from a shipwreck and was subsequently chained up for the entertainment of the lord.

One stormy night, when there was strong wind and rain, the ape grew restless while Rees drank heavily. There was a knock at the door and a Flemish tradesman appeared, distressed and emotional, accusing Rees’ own son of forcing his way into his home and raping his daughter. In drunken temper, Rees loosened the ape’s chains and goaded it to maul the tradesman close to death. The tradesman escaped but, weak through loss of blood and struggling to make his way out, collapsed in semi-consciousness.

Thick smoke then engulfed the Castle as the Northwest tower caught fire. The tradesman recovered and made his way back to the castle where he saw Rees and the Ape locked in mortal combat. A lighted taper in Rees’ hand had set the tower ablaze. The tradesman summoned all his strength and fled, never to return. The ghost of the tormented ape is said to haunt the castle to this day.

Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo  4 attractions in one you have an indoor fun fair that is an old time fun fair with walzers , cake walks , and all the rides you remember from your childhood including the gallopers round about.  A zoo with over 50 different species including giraffes Meer Kats and much more. a play area with slides and climbing frames as well as out door karts. And lets not forget the Farm with your favourite farm animals which you can feed at the feeding times.


Oakwood Theme Park now has over 30 major rides and attractions, Oakwood Theme Park is one of Wales' leading tourist attractions and one of the UK's top ten theme parks.

Oakwood is constantly investing in new rides and there is plenty of fun to be had. For the thrill seekers there are Megafobia, Speed, Hydro, Vertigo and the Bounce. Megafobia is a wooden roller coaster, voted 'Best in the World' for four years. Speed is a Steel rollercoaster with a beyond vertical trop - unbelievable and totally amazing. Hydro is a water coster with a thrilling descent into a pool of water. The Bounce is a 160 ft Shot 'n Drop Tower Coaster which shoots riders into the air at speeds of 70kph. Vertigo is a 50m high sky coaster which reaches speeds of up to 110kph - the closest experience to free flight you can imagine